Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vista SP1 Technical Information

Kris over at the Words Within blog posted a PDF document that combines all of Microsoft's SP1 related documents:

  • Deployment Guide for Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • Hotfixes and Security Updates included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1
  • Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1
-- Handy!

Read it. You will find nuggets like this:

After you install SP1, you will be temporarily unable to manage domain-based Group Policy from that computer because of the following changes:

• The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) will be uninstalled.
• Gpedit.msc will default to the Local Group Policy Editor.

Because of these changes, use Remote Desktop to connect to another computer to manage Group Policy. Shortly after the release of Windows Server 2008, an updated GPMC with greater functionality will be released as part of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)...

Don't forget that if you have configured Folder Redirection with Vista's version of GPMC, then you will have no choice but to keep a Vista PC handy that doesn't have SP1 until RSAT arrives. You have been warned :-)

[EDIT 30/03/2008] RSAT is here! Get links to it and other new deployment tools for Vista SP1. [/EDIT]


Words Within said...


I'm glad that you liked my PDF document, but would appreciate it if you would link to the post and not the PDF file itself.

Thanks so much - I know you'll understand!

Gordon Martin said...

Hi Words Within,

Yes, deep-linking is a tad inconsiderate eh? I've explored your blog and searched for Vista, etc. but have been unable to find the article associated with that PDF.

Would you have an appropriate URL for me to use?

Words Within said...

There you go!