Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Topic: Folders & Folder Redirection

(Vista Vitals articles organized by topic)
These articles cover anything related to folders. This includes Folder Redirection, Offline Files, Client Side Cache (CSC), Desktop.ini, etc. :

Introducing the User Files Folders! - introductions are needed - they have changed a lot since the XP days. You really need to get you head wrapped around this.

User Files Folders and the Desktop.INI - describes changes in folder behavior because of new Desktop.ini features - it even affects XP!

User Files Folders are Bilingual - describes how the new Desktop.ini makes it possible to support multiple languages with only one folder. (There are some problems you should know about though.)

Folder Redirection: Specifying a target share - a very important article on configuring Folder Redirection. You must use a GPO and can no longer redirect to a drive letter!

Folder Redirection of database files causes corruption - this is an outdated article so long as you are using SP1.

Folder Redirection: Duplicate User Files Folders - Vista has a nasty habit of creating duplicate folders for users. This article talks a bit about that.

Folder Redirection: Not to the user's home directory - Vista leaves a number of traps lying around. This one is a doozy! Make sure you never redirect user folders to the root of their network drive like you did in the XP days.

Folder Redirection: Amateur Magician - Vista really isn't good at working with redirect folders. You need to understand its limitations.

Folder Redirection: A case study - details a critical problem Vista has redirecting folders like the AppData folder for legacy applications. Unfortunately the work-around I describe breaks with Vista SP1 - so no solution is currently available.

User Files Folders: What's with all these extra folders - this article details more Vista problems caused by the new User Files Folder design.

Duplicate Folder Problems? Talk to me! - This is a roll-up of my articles that have anything to do with folder duplication because so many readers have been experiencing these problems.

Folder Redirection: Back to talk about Settings - this article is a lead-in to two other articles I wrote talking about the Move Data feature of the Folder Redirection GPOs - another Vista design flaw.

Folder Redirection: Duplicate User Files Folders II - this article describes how the Move Data option causes folder duplication and how to avoid it.

Folder Redirection: Misbehaves after target move - this is one of my most important articles! I provide a script for preventing a major Vista design flaw from wreaking havoc on your network.

Offline Files: Doesn't sync files modified while offline - this is an outdated article so long as Vista SP1 is being used.

Vista's support for multiple languages - this article demonstrates Vista's new approach to multilingual support and the problems it causes.

Better Desktop.ini support please! - another example of how the Desktop.ini doesn't go far enough to provide a user experience in their mother tongue. A request for Microsoft to make some improvements.

Folder Redirection: Problems with the Well-known Folders Cache - a KB article describing a problem with missing User Files Folders after a reboot.

Folder Redirection: IE7 Favorites Bugs - a description of a bug IE7 has. Protected Mode prevents access to Folder Redirection UNC paths that reference the local machine (think non-dedicated servers).