Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Topic: In Other News

(Vista Vitals articles organized by topic)
These articles predominantly link to other news services that provide information about or criticism of Windows Vista:

Need to Virtualize Vista Home Versions? - news that Microsoft eased license restrictions for Vista Home on virtual machines.

Microsoft Windows Releases - Windows 7 rumors.

"Vista Capable" lawsuit is now a class action

Has Vista lost all credibility? - links to more class action details.

Vista criticism in the news

News tidbits clearance! - good stuff here from free MS support for Vista to NVidia & Creative Labs naughtiness.

More news of interest - some linux stats, better installs of upgrade licenses and extended support for some versions of XP.

A petition to save Windows XP - details why people want XP to stick around and what they're doing about it.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is here!

XP available after the June 30th deadline - but maybe not for home users.

Windows XP SP3 deployment not going so well - oops - some endless reboot problems for some people who installed SP3 - arm yourself with the solutions to the problems before proceeding.

COFEE - information about Microsoft's latest forensic tools for law enforcement.

Need to install XP on Vista hardware? - Find out how to create a custom XP install disk that incorporates SATA drivers from alternate sources.

XP Support for 6 more years - Microsoft announced support for Windows XP until 2014. Some links and comments about the viability of skipping Vista entirely - go for it!

XP: How to continue getting it after the June cutoff - PC World actually jumped through the hoops with 9 different PC manufacturers to see what it would take to get hardware preloaded with Windows XP!