Saturday, December 13, 2008

Topic: Linux

(Vista Vitals articles organized by topic)
These articles cover anything related to Linux:

My Linux adventure begins... - Here I explain what I am up to - exploring Linux. I describe the computer I am using and my goals.

Into the looking glass - I pick a Linux Distro and install it. I discuss my thoughts during the process.

That was easy! - My initial boot into Ubuntu. I share my thoughts while connecting to wifi and bluetooth. I test Ubuntu's performance by playing a 720p video that was unplayable under Vista.

Hello...TESTING, 1, 2, 3... - I describe the first problem I encountered with Linux (low sound volume) and how I solved the problem.

Flash me! - I had no Flash plugin for 64-bit Firefox! This article describes how I added an Alpha version of Flash 10 so that I could use sites like Youtube.

Printing before writing - I configure Ubuntu to print. It couldn't be easier to configure my colour duplex network printer!

Dueling with my Dual Monitors - Yikes! Dual monitor configuration in Ubuntu / Linux sucks! Want to read the sordid details? Thankfully I've documented my many fixes so others can benefit...

Wiimote goodness - I connected my Wiimote to my Linux OS and got readings from it! I also link to similar solutions for Mac and Windows. I also discuss some more dual-monitor issues that I experienced.

Thanks for the memory - I learned how Ubuntu allows me to explore memory cards and thumb drives. I loved the eject icon. I learned how to format partitions using GParted.

Ubuntu Reference Book - Thought you should know about a good Ubuntu book I found...

Using the terminal (command line) - Found another book called Linux 101 Hacks. It has some interesting tips, tricks and shortcuts for working with the terminal commandline.

Word! - I explored the issue of word processing. Tried out Open Office. Then tried to get MS Word 2007 working using Wine.

RDP to Windows from Ubuntu - I found a replacement for Microsoft's RDP so I can remotely access Windows desktops.

Closing down my 64-bit Ubuntu Linux experiment - Little irritations have lead me to end my experiment with Ubuntu. Read the details.

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