Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ubuntu Reference Book

This article is part of my series on exploring Linux. In my last article I played with a thumb drive and a memory card reader in my laptop. I went on to learn about ejecting the devices and formatting them.

I've enjoyed writing this blog as I learn Linux and I like to think that I am helping people out there who are going through the same process. But one irritating thing about my blog and others is that it is focused on very small pieces of the Linux puzzle. It is hard to see the big picture or put a lot of the information in context.

This week I found a wonderful book that may help. Check out the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference!

It provides a great overview of Ubuntu while also helping a beginner accomplish typical things like actually installing the product. It answers many questions I have and touches many of the areas I have been dealing with.

Not only is it a cheap $10 book, but you can also download it as a free PDF with the author's blessing!:

Give it a read and then come back to my blog as I continue to struggle with things that don't behave as they should.

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