Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic: Windows Explorer

(Vista Vitals articles organized by topic)
These articles cover anything related to Windows Explorer. This includes File Copying, launching programs, UAC, navigation, etc. :

UAC: Microsoft Programs act weird - a little warning about Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer & Outlook.

Vista copies files like a duck - Mark Russinovich provides excellent details regarding the file copy process and how it has changed for Vista and again for Vista SP1. A must read.

UAC: Elevate Windows Explorer - Ever tried to launch Windows Explorer with Run as Administrator and fail? Find out why.

Quick Command Prompt - talks about a shortcut for opening CMD windows directly in any folder using Windows Explorer shift-context-menu.

Windows Explorer: Magic file deletions - a warning about Windows Explorer's surprising handling of attempted deletions of open files. Scary behavior you should be aware of.

Wrapup and retool - This is my wrapup to my Vista articles. I finally get around to delivering my punch line about Windows Explorer.