Monday, May 12, 2008

Windows XP SP3 deployment not going so well

Microsoft seems to be meeting the same success rolling out Windows XP SP3 as they did rolling out Vista SP1 (remember SP1 Hiccup: don't install KB937287! ?). These products must be getting too complex to anticipate all behaviors under all scenarios.

There are reports all over the web of people experiencing reboot issues once XP SP3 is installed. The best article I've seen is from the Register. It makes reference to Jesper Johansson's blog where you can find some solutions to the various problems.

Arm yourself with the solutions before your attempt a rollout of SP3 in your organization.


Anonymous said...

You mean, "arm yourself with *Windows 98* before your attempt a rollout of SP3 in your organization."

Gordon Martin said...

:-) Now, now - don't encourage me to be too negative - I'm negative enough already :-)

Anonymous said...

its a bucket o' incoherence