Friday, May 16, 2008

More DRM woes for Vista users

My article, I don't like DRM, linked to a user who was having difficulty with DRM. He was being blocked from playing movies he paid for because his computer system was too high-res. Well, Vista users are suffering again.

This week Windows Vista Media Center users were being blocked from time-shifting some NBC shows. It's unclear if the broadcaster set the flags in error or whether Vista Media Center responded to them improperly. What is clear is that only Vista users were affected. TiVo and DirecTV who also respond to copy protection flags did not prevent their users from recording.

Have any of you seen this message?

[EDIT 19/5/2008] There is a good update regarding this issue here: Microsoft confirms Windows adheres to broadcast flag. Apparently Microsoft is implementing an FCC rule that was struck down in 2005. [/EDIT]

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