Thursday, June 19, 2008

Windows Explorer: Magic file deletions

In my article, UAC: Elevate Windows Explorer, I grumbled about how Windows Explorer is rather uncommunicative and can be quite confusing. I mentioned how outcomes can be quite unpredictable and that you'd need to spend time getting to know Windows Explorer. To help you in that endeavor, I'd like to describe the confusing behaviors of a simple file deletion...

Consider the case where you wish to replace an executable file on a network share (I happen to be scripting some installs at the moment). It is entirely possible that someone else has accessed that share and is currently executing (holding open) the file we wish to replace. (In my case, my executable hung on my test PC and I needed to fix my bug - my test PC held the file open.)

If I tried to delete an open file in the XP days, I would have received an error message like this:

Now that's a great error message! It tells me what file is at issue and figures out that it might be a problem with the file being in use. If I try the same action in Vista I won't get any message at all. The file will simply be deleted -- but not so fast - the file just LOOKS like it is deleted.

If I now attempt to replace it with a file of the same name, I get the following error from Vista:

The message doesn't discuss my file at all. It leads me to think I have permission problems with my 'E' folder. Incredibly misleading when you find out what is really going on. If I refresh Windows Explorer's view of the folder (hit F5 or reopen Windows Explorer, etc.) I find that my old file is back! It wasn't deleted at all. And since the file is probably still in use, I am unable to replace it with my new file. How's that for strange behaviour?

But wait! - There's more! Let's pretend that we don't know what is going on and have no idea what computer is holding my file open. Let's pretend we wander off and play a great round of golf - what a great day! In the mean time, back at the office, the PC holding my file open, for whatever reason, stops holding it open - suddenly the file gets deleted! Somewhere there is a pending delete file request that actually gets actioned!

Kind of a neat feature I guess, but incredibly confusing - perhaps dangerous. Certainly no fun when you are trying to figure out what the heck is going on with Windows Explorer.

(BTW, my team managed to create a silent install of Visual Studio 6 for SMS if anyone is interested. A very, very complicated procedure to say the least. I haven't been covering any scripting yet, but I can write an article on it if there is interest.)

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