Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Using the terminal (command line)

I'd like to apologize for my long delays in posting an article. I've actually got 5 articles in the works, but my Linux configuration is getting more complex. It's taking much longer for me to overcome technical hurdles...

In the mean time, I found a book I'd like to tell you about:

Linux 101 Hacks is another free online book (pdf) that was published this February. The hacks documented really don't fit my definition of what hacks are. It's more like a book of handy commandline tips, tricks and shortcuts. In my short time working with Linux, it has become quite clear how important a role the terminal plays. Anything that helps me work in that environment is most welcome.

Getting the book is a bit awkward. You need to subscribe to a blog written by the book's author. The blog's e-mail subscription will deliver a password for getting the book. A slight pain, but the blog doesn't look half bad either!

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