Monday, April 28, 2008

XP available after the June 30th deadline

Good news! It looks like you can get Windows XP past the June 30th deadline. C|Net has reported the news a couple of times - their latest article is here: PC Makers Find Way to Extend XP's Life.

The solution turns out to be quite a good one. Both HP and Dell are taking advantage of the downgrade option for Vista Business and Ultimate. For the next year you can buy either version of the Vista OS from these companies and request that they install XP at the factory.

This is fantastic on so many levels:

  1. You won't be forced to move to Vista before you're ready.
  2. You'll be able to give Vista time to mature and eliminate even more bugs.
  3. You can give your in-house software developers and other software vendors more time to rewrite their software to support Vista.
  4. You will have your Vista licenses bought and paid for when you are ready to make that step.
  5. You know HP & Dell will continue to make drivers to support their hardware under XP.
  6. It may actually be feasible to hold off migrating to Vista and move to Windows 7 when it is released.

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