Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Duplicate Folder Problems? Talk to me!

A big shout out to all you Vista admins out there with folder duplication problems! Half the queries sending traffic to my site are searches for information about duplicate folders. It is clearly a large problem for many of you.

If you have come to my site because of a similar problem, I would like to direct you to four articles I have posted:

Folder Redirection: Duplicate User Files Folders - This one is rather easy to spot and deals with duplication in the User Files Folder.

Folder Redirection: Not to the user's home directory - This one is less obvious, but it is an important article that describes why you can get what appears to be folder duplication in your network shares.

User Files Folders: What's with all these extra folders - This one talks about Junctions. Junctions can be mistaken for duplicate or dysfunctional folders.

Folder Redirection: Duplicate User Files Folders II - This demonstrates major duplication caused by the "Move the contents of ______ to the new location" GPO setting not being set.

If you are experiencing some other form of duplication not covered by these articles, please send me an e-mail or post a reply to this article. I'd love to help. When sending your request, please be as descriptive as possible and attach screen shots if appropriate.



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