Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vista: Even the packaging needs instructions

Windows Vista is so complicated that instructions are needed just to open the box - no joke!

Now for the jokes from my team:

"Doesn’t surprise me - What surprises me is that opening the product package actually works."
"Knowing Microsoft, they provided the scissors - but INSIDE THE BOX"
"Ya, but they are probably battery operated and have a laser guide... Batteries not included."
"But you have to buy an extra CAL to be able to use the scissors... with EA."

I just couldn't resist...


David said...

That really is funny. :)

Anonymous said...

i like the one about the scissors. got locked out of my hotmail account recently, password i have had for the last 15 years magically changed on me, and to reset my password they want to send the instructions to my hotmail account.