Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Folder Redirection: Back to talk about Settings

Well, not a single article posted about UAC and I'm back talking about Folder Redirection again. Is it possible to become a consultant that specializes in nothing but Folder Redirection?!

I have written a number of articles about Folder Redirection configuration choices, management headaches and problems (check my archives if you are curious). But until now I haven't mentioned the settings tab of each folder's redirection GPO -- here it is:

The reason I haven't talked about it is because I didn't want my blog to become a Microsoft brochure like so many other books have. I'd rather leave the generic education to them and deal with the bits where the rubber hits the road. The tricky bits that don't behave as advertised but which still must function at the end of the day. Many of the options on the Folder Redirection settings tab are well explained elsewhere and are usually set as a reaction to one's own environment.

Unfortunately it is time to talk about this tab! The property called "Move the contents of ______ to the new location" deserves special attention for its ability to behave in unpredictable ways -- two articles worth! This option sucks big time. I loath it.

Come back soon for the first article in the series!

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